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Some of you might recognize this Apothecary style Console Table build, but none of you have seen plans for it.  Until now!  This is a previously unpublished build that people have been hounding me for the tutorial for and now you get it.  Originally built and submitted for …

March 15, 2018
Milwaukee M18 Hackzall

It’s a “Nothing But Heavy Duty” tool review day for a batch of Milwaukee tools that are meant for the rigors of a tough job site.  We’re checking out the Milwaukee M18 Rover LED Light, M18 Fuel Hackzall Kit with Wrecker Blades, Smart Swipe Performance Work Gloves and …

March 11, 2018

No matter what your level of expertise is with construction, carpentry or home improvement, chances are you’re going to pick up a hammer at some point.  It’s one of the most basic tools known to man.  Pick up a club shaped object and start smashing stuff with it.  …

March 7, 2018

Some might think of a little sibling rivalry as unhealthy.  It’s difficult when you get two or more unique offspring and then human nature just kicks in and immediately has you comparing them to the other .  Such and such does this better or so and so needs …

March 4, 2018

When I hear a product name like the “Devour” I immediately picture the gentle ebbing and flowing waves of a tranquil blue ocean.  There’s a false sense of security in that calming oasis because somewhere lurking deep below is a highly evolved beast engineered for one purpose.  Its …

February 15, 2018

“Were you raised in a barn?  Close the door!!!” I’m sure everyone has heard that phrase a time or two growing up.  By the way, the correct response from any intolerable little cuss is “then why don’t you clean this pig sty up mom so it’s not so confusing!” …

February 7, 2018

Recently people have been getting a little fresh with me.  They keep asking me a question that’s really personal: “How do I get wood?” Sure, it’s something my wife and I talk openly about.  Does it bother her that I drive outside of the city to pay a …

February 2, 2018

A Tale of Two Vacuums At some point in the last few years, someone in Ryobi’s upper management stood up in a meeting and declared that they were going to become one of the industry leaders in DIY and Workshop vacuums.  It’s a very specific niche to target, …

January 26, 2018
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