About Lazy Guy DIY

Well now you’ve gone and done it.  You’ve decided to take this relationship to the next level by finding out more about me.  It’s a little forward of you I’ll admit, but since we’re talking about me… I’ll allow it.  Hi, I’m Adam.  The creator of Lazy Guy DIY.

It’s been a strange and unexpected trip since I started this channel back in 2016.  Some of you have heard the story before, but I started Lazy Guy DIY as an outlet for creativity while I was quietly dying on the inside at a dead end day job that had career middle management written all over it.  A short time into the blogging and content creation game I caught the eye of the right people and started tool reviewing and digital plan creating for a several major companies.  Around the same time I jumped into co-ownership of Makers Challenge Central, one of biggest open Maker Competitions on the web.  

At this point I left the corporate world and I then started a consulting business for makers and industry brands with the purpose of connecting the dots for finding quality partners for quality brands.  You can still find me behind the scenes running social media and handing picking ambassadors for some of your favorite woodworking brands.

And then… a TV Show happened.  I got asked to shoot a renovation TV show pilot as a carpenter and furniture maker and then… it got picked up by a network.  So now you can catch the TV Show Renovation Hunters airing on the Outdoor Channel and other streaming services.  Want us to come renovation your place?  Check out the submission form here!

Does the story stop there?  Nope. I’m now the head of Stone Coat Countertops.  I left the corporate world only to come back to run one of the largest epoxy companies in the US… in all of my free time.  So maybe not so lazy.