With an airtight, adjustable boom arm that screams quality engineering, the Mullet Tools ThirdHand Boom Arm is a dust collection game changer.

Mullet Tools ThirdHand

Tool Tested:


Mullet Tools ThirdArm pictured with M5 Dust Cyclone and Surf Prep POV-8 Extractor

Customized Dust Collection

With the Mullet Tools Boom Arm you have three configurations:  Boom Arm Only, Benchtop Mount and Shop Vac Mount.  With the Boom Arm Only option, which is what I’ve been using, you can hook it up directly to the M5 High-Speed Dust Collector (no attachments needed) or you can hook it straight up to your existing Dust Collection system (pictured below).  The arm attaches to a standard 2.5″ inlet you’ll find on most systems, however, you can’t attach the ThirdHand Boom Arm directly to a shop vac inlet.  It might fit, but the arm system, as well made as it is, will lose it’s rigidity.  For that you’ll need the shop vac mount.

The shop vac mount package comes with a little roller cart with a top mount to bring back the rigidity.  Meanwhile, the benchtop mount, which is sure to be the favorite of the line up, screws directly into your worksurface and provides a much needed, extra hand for Dust Collection.  In my opinion, the Boom Arm Only connection to the M5 – Dust Cyclone is the best options for portability.

High Quality Mullets

Similar to the M5 – Dust Cyclone, the ThirdHand Boom Arm has a quality feel you don’t get with most Dust Collection components.  The solid rotomolded construction of the M5 leaves an airtight seal that blows away the competition, which is why there’s no surprise the ThirdHand Boom Arm has similar attention to detail.  The elbows are the star of the show that pivot with ease with a quick turn of the locking bolt with a wavy toothed connection and gasket that keep the leaks from ruining suction.  Bonus points that the pivoting joint is clear so you can see any obstructions if the debris you’re picking up wants to cause a traffic jam.  

Easiest Dust Collection Set Up

While the Mullet Tools  M5-Dust Cyclone takes about 20 minutes and encourages you to grab a beer, the ThirdHand Boom Arm takes less than 5 with the Boom Arm Only set up.  Maybe 11 minutes for the other setups.  The Mullet crew has absolutely figured out the business in the front, party in the back formula for set up while maintaining superior quality.  

Mullet Tools ThirdHand Boom Arm Verdict

What’s the verdict on the Mullet Tools ThirdHand Boom Arm?  At just under $150 for the Boom Arm Only set up, $200 for the Benchtop Mount and $250 for the Shop Vac mount, you’re looking at a solid woodshop upgrade to your dust collection.  While it might not be a necessity, you’ll realize pretty quickly the next time you use a scroll saw, do some power carving or run the router table that it’s an addition you can’t live without.

Pick up the Mullet Tools ThirdHand Boom Arm at www.mullettools.com (use code LAZYGUYDIY for a discount) or Amazon.

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