Navigating Brands As Micro-Influencers

Navigating Brands As A Micro-Influencer

Are you a Micro-Influencer that isn’t having luck working with Brands? Did you attend my class at Workbench Con and missed out on all the great info? Whether you’re looking for great (in my opinion) info or you’re just back for a second serving, I’m bringing my slide deck from the session to life.

Unfortunately, I don’t have recorded audio (which would sound horrible) from the class. But I will recap my slide deck in addition to the information relayed from the amazing brands on the panel.

Navigating Brands As A Micro-Influencer

So who was on this amazing panel? Myself of course. But also decision makers from brands like Rockler, Kreg Tool, Wall Control, Calavera Tool and DFM Tool Works. This was a standing room only class that had a ton of amazing feedback, so I wanted to make this information available to everyone even if you didn’t attend.

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Keep The Conversation Going!

Also… I want to hear from you the Micro-Influencer! Whether in the comments below or in the comment section on YouTube, make sure to ask questions you want answered about working with brands! I want to make this topic as interactive as possible so I’ll answer the best I can or reach out to my brand panel for answers if I can’t help.

Hopefully, if you’re a Micro-Influencer (or something else entirely) and have been struggling to work with brands, this gives you a jump start on that next pitch. Or if you think you need a little help… I’m launching an influencer agency as well specifically for helping makers with their pitches to the brands they want to work with!

The Maker Media Co. is coming soon!

~Lazy Guy

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4 years ago

That was really helpful, thanks Adam! I really wish I would’ve been at WBC to hear others’ questions as well as the input from the brands! I’m wondering if you have any advice for getting a foot in the door with Home Depot. I submitted a detailed, well-thought out pitch on their website. No response. I sent a DM to their IG account asking for a contact email . . . no response. They are a brand I’d really love to work with but I’m just not sure where to go from here. Any ideas or tips?? Thanks Adam!

Reply to  lazyguydiy
4 years ago

Thanks again, that’s helpful! I went to WBC in 2019 but I think my shyness held me back. Sounds like I need to get a ticket to WBC 2021 and practice being more outgoing and confident! 🙂

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