Lazy Guy DIY Pro Tip: Attaching Pocket Hole Joints with a Twist!

Occasionally when you’re attaching wood joints your material gets a little twist in it.  Generally not the Chubby Checker kind of twist where he keeps asking you to “twist again, like you did last summer” or even the kind where you mix two flavors of frozen yogurt from the machine.  That’s called a swirl.  Come on people, the machines even say “swirl” on them! No, this twist is when you might have over torqued your screws when attaching the first joint or even the lumber is slightly warped.  No one has ever seen warped boards at their big store before have they?  Of course not!   Check out this quick tip to solve this little issue.  And try not to be distracted by the angry blue jays in the background…

You will be surprised how much you can torque the piece of lumber.  Just remember to always use a little wood glue to help strengthen the joint.

~Lazy Guy DIY

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