2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day again?  This might be the only post that I regularly get ready, but also… wait until the last minute to publish.  So even if there might not be enough time to order some of my Father’s Day 2024 gifts you can still use them for Gift Ideas for Him or Gift Ideas for Dad all throughout the year!  Look, I helped!  Checkout some of my favorite gift ideas for 2024!

I’m traveling a ton these days for the TV Show all over the country and a good backpack is an essential for hitting the road.  What I love about the Tecovas Canyon backpack is that it isn’t bulky, but it packs a punch in terms of storage and little compartments.  Every pocket has a pocket that checks all the boxes of a bag that lets you stow and go, but still be organized.  It also fits a Yeti Rambler which when I travel I always keep a cup for coffee or a water bottle.  Another bonus… there are splashes of camo everywhere inside as a fun surprise.  At 12” L x 6 ½” W x 17” H it is on the smaller size, but it packs a punch.   Moss Green not your color?  Tecovas has the Canyon Backpack in Black as well.

Now available at Tecovas for $195

Sure, you shouldn’t step on my blue suede shoes, but also… maybe don’t step on my Keen Utility Kenton Mid Work Shoes… because it has carbon fiber toe caps and you might hurt yourself.  The “work shoe” is really starting to replace the “work boot” now as people want functionality AND style when it comes to safety gear.  While the Keen Utility Kenton does come in a low top, I love the high-top look and feel almost like a retro pair of Chuck Taylors, but with a whole lot more arch support and toe safety.  If you’re looking for something a little more neutral, check out the Khaki color they call brindle, and a basic black.

Now available at Keen Utility for $120

When you think of case knives, you might think of the classic old timer design with 3 blades and a bone or antler scale on the outside.  Well Case knives have come along way with a few of their newer lines including the Kinzua EDC Pocket knife. It’s a Flipper, meaning you can flick the blade open with one hand and it comes with a modern take on a Tanto style blade.   I personally liked the dark brown speckle scales with the black wash blade, but Case Kinzua comes in a dozen other colors and blades styles.  It’s a great EDC at 4-3/4″ that doesn’t feel too small or too bulky clipped to your pocket or in your hand.

Now available at Case Knives for $169

When I started hitting the trade show circuit or spent long hours traveling the country, I realized I needed a portable charger that had a little oomph, but more so could stand up to the rigors of being smashed in a bag or used and abused on a job site.  The Dark Energy Poseidon Pro does all of that and more.  Advertised as nearly indestructible, it can hold a charge for nearly 8 years (WHAT?) if you tossed it in a bag and forgot about it.  I’ve used it to charge phones, run laptops and even power camera lighting on the go.  The Dark Energy Poseidon Pro is a tough EDC charger (shown with a paracord cable) that comes in camo, black and high vis orange.

Now available at Dark Energy for $119

Once you go Saw Stop, you never want to go back to another table saw. And then you have a job on a mobile job site that puts another saw in your hand that you had a table saw accident with months before… well there’s nothing like the peace of mind of using a table saw like a Saw Stop knowing that freak accidents can occur no matter how careful you are.  The Saw Stop CTS packs all the great finger saving features and more into a compact, powerful little job site saw that is loaded with bells and whistles.  It might seem like a lofty investment for a job site saw, but from someone that has seen first hand, what can happen out of the shop… it’s a cheaper investment than a new hand. 

Now available at Saw Stop for $899

At one point you start carrying around more tools that you can possibly have sitting around your feet when working on a project.  Which is when you need a toolbelt.  If you’re build like me and you don’t have a butt or hips, there’s nowhere for toolbelt to sit.  So you can throw on suspenders OR pick up a Diamondback Tool 701 Tool Vest.  Built similar to a tactical vest, you customize this vests to your needs.  From nailgun holders, to hammer sheaths to tape measure and cell phone holders… you can have it all.  I personally decked my Diamond 701 vest with the Maestro set up which is a little more low profile.  Careful though… those accessories add up quick but you can be a tool pack mule in comfort.

Now available from Diamondback Starting at $201

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