Engraved Walnut Trinket Box

Handmade Engraved Glass Walnut Trinket Box

Handmade gifts are great! That is, unless it looks like a Pinterest Fail … Therefore, I’ll help you with this Engraved Wooden Trinket Box that will wow friends and make your enemies jealous. I made this box as a Teacher’s gift, but it could very easily be an anniversary gift or wedding gift too!

This post was sponsored by Dremel Tools. Engraving glass is surprisingly easy. If you can trace… you can engrave glass with a Dremel! Now on to the Project!

Watch The Build!

Ask questions later.

Tools & Materials Used

Notes On The Build

Walnut Trinket Box

I’ll admit, there’s a lot of table saw work on this little project, which gives you a great opportunity to get comfortable with yours! As for the table saw jig used for the splines, there are a million planes out there. With a little scrap plywood and a speed square you can make one of these in minutes to ride on the saw rail.

For the router bit I used on this project, don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and buy the top of the line router bit like I did. You can just as easily use a standard flush trim bit with no issues!

When engraving the glass take your time. If you can draw with a pencil you can engrave with a Dremel. I recommend using a grinding bit instead of a gouge bit like I started with. The little gum drop shape grinder worked extremely well. Just remember to wear a dust mask and make sure your space is well ventilated. You’re weaponizing glass dust to attack your lungs. Be safe!

~Lazy Guy

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