Charcuterie Board

Easy Live Edge Charcuterie Boards

Looking for an easy to make gift that’s the hardest to say? Charcuterie Boards have told the Cutting Board industry to take a backseat and let these vessels of meats and cheeses have their day in the sun. Whether you’re looking for a wedding gift, Christmas present or a scrap wood project, this is one you can knock out easily.

If you’re like me then you have plenty of scrap wood and live edge cutoffs that you can’t bare to part with. I’ll make coasters or cutting boards! I swear! Nah. How about we make these great looking Charcuterie Boards instead?

What You’ll Need

Watch The Charcuterie Board Video!

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Project Tips & Tricks

  • Don’t go out and buy pieces of premium hardwood for this project. The beauty is that these are made from scrap wood that would have been tossed or thrown in the burn pile. Find someone who works with live edge material and ask for their cutoffs.
  • Avoid pieces with knot holes or cracks unless you plan on filling with epoxy.
  • Always remove the bark. It will come off eventually anyway.
  • Route the edges (even the live edge) with a round over bit to break the edge. It makes for a nicer finish and helps with applying a smooth top coat. If you don’t have a router you can sand the edges.

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Garry Macdonald
Garry Macdonald
5 years ago

I love your projects man, great for beginners and intermediates. Just a note, and please don’t take this as a critisism. When using your trimmer, the direction of travel should be in the opposite direction from what you are doing in this video. Going against the travel of the cutter gives you the control you need.

Keep up the great work,


3 years ago

Nice boards!! Do you need to treat the wood for insects or bugs before using it? Or can I just grab a piece from my wood pile, make a serving board as long as I finish it with mineral oil, bees wax or something like that?

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