T-Rex Tape On Ladder

Taking A Step Up With T-Rex Tape

A few months ago I picked up a fancy new multi-position ladder. I lauded the manufacturer for the shape of the steps. However, that ladder comes up short when it comes to cleaning my gutters… by several feet. So that means I pull out the trusty old death trap of an extension ladder. Slick round rungs are a recipe for disaster… that is until my T-Rex Tape upgrade!

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Risky Ladder Business

T-Rex Tape on Ladder

It’s well established on this site (and with my dad) that I’m a slacker when it comes to cleaning my gutters. As a tall guy, being up on ladder is the last place a center of gravity challenged person should be. Throw in some dirt and moisture from cleaning the gutters and a challenging ladder becomes a dangerous one. So what do you do? Add some traction!

T-Rex Extreme Tread Tape

T-Rex Extreme Tread Tape

One of my favorite products that T-Rex makes is the Extreme Tread Tape. While the normal T-Rex adhesive tape is ridiculously (or ferociously) tough, the Extreme Tread raises the bar. Think non-slip pad, but with teeth.

It’s UV and Weather resistance and stands up to temperatures from -40 to 220+ degrees. Impressed yet? The strips come in 2″ by 8″ lengths, but I wanted more mileage so I cut mine in half. Because the tread tape is so tough, I did have to use metal shears to get a nice and clean cut.

T-Rex Tape Shears

With the strong adhesive on the back, I then applied the Extreme Tread Tape to the rungs of my trusty old ladder. One step up and you could immediately tell what an upgrade this was. I have a coworker who was recently injured falling off a ladder working around the house who would probably agree. When weighing the cost of the surgeries he’s had versus a few dollars for peace of mind on a ladder, I bet he’ll kick me (with his good leg) for not writing this post sooner.

~Lazy Guy

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