Cherry Java Clock Wood Art Challenge

Wood Art Challenge: Cherry Java Clock

Back in the early 2000’s when whale tails were socially acceptable (weren’t they?) and graphic tees were actually funny (I still have my “I Heart Soccer Mom’s” tee), I was in college taking a detour from my Business Degree and pursued a few semesters of Studio Art.  The problem was… when you go from excel spreadsheets to having an eclectic professor telling you to be free and embrace the abstract, it can be difficult.  Think outside the box everyone says.  It was a struggle.  The same goes for my builds in present day.  It’s tough to “let go” especially if you’re building for someone under a commission.  So luckily a couple of my friends are putting on this “Wood Art Challenge” with nothing at stake (but our pride) where we were given the parameters of “make it square” and “make it primarily out of wood”.  That’s it.  Time to let those creative juices flow.

Cherry Java Clock Wall Art ChallengeBut then this Wood Art Challenge got away from me…

I had picked up an awesome busted up piece of live edge cherry from my lumber guy Jason that I knew I wanted to use.  It had giant cracks and rotted out areas that would be perfect for an epoxy pour.  But I’ve done plenty of epoxy work before from my Rustic Wedding Cake Stand to my cutting boards and executive desks.  I need another element.  How about two?  How about I make it a clock AND have something extra in my epoxy?  How about coffee?  Brilliant!  No.  Not brilliant.  Bad Lazy Guy.  What does Coco Chanel say?  “Take one accessory off before you walk out the door”?  I should have listened.  But I’m glad I didn’t (what does she know?).  There were definitely some trials and tribulations to this Wall Art Challenge, but in the end I love this piece!  Check out the entire build video below:

Ready to make your own wall art?  Here’s what you’ll need outside of the tools I used in the video (*affiliate links to follow):

Wood Art Challenge Side View

Like this Wood Art Challenge?  Here’s the fun part, there are almost 30 more projects out there from some of my friends in the blogger world.  Take a look at them all and absolutely let us know in the comments who your favorites are!

Wooden Wall art Challenge

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~Lazy Guy

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6 years ago

This clock is AMAZING. I feel like I’m smelling coffee through the screen. Nice work buddy!

Ken C
Ken C
6 years ago

Great work Adam!! The clock looks amazing. I would also wonder if adding seashells would work as well?

Outside of yours, I would say my to three are 12, 24, and 25.

bethany sy
6 years ago

This is so insanely creative. Props for thinking outside the box! <3

6 years ago

ALL of them are so creative! I loved that you dropped coffee into the epoxy- so clever. How does one get involved in the Wood Art Challenge? Looks like great fun!

6 years ago

You had me at coffee! This looks so amazing. Well done!

6 years ago

How clever and creative to use the live edge this way Adam. I LOVE a good clock.


6 years ago

This is absolutely insane and crazy creative!! What does Coco Chanel know about woodworking and cool techniques 😉

6 years ago

This clock is over the top cool!!! Fantastic job!

Half Hour Hank
6 years ago

Great project! I’ve always been a little intimidated to work with epoxy like this, but you make it look so easy. 10-4 on the painter’s tape though. Also, I have that exact blue vase with the colored dots… Crate & Barrel?

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