Wall Control Woodworker’s Kit

You guys… does this mean I’ve made it? I’ve been waiting for weeks (mainly because of my own laziness) to announce this… but there is officially a Lazy Guy DIY “Woodworker’s Kit” from Wall Control! That’s right, there’s a metal pegboard kit specifically for woodworkers with my name on it… crazy right?



What Makes It A Woodworker’s Kit?

Clamp Storage

Specifically, we realized there were a few tools, mainly hand tools, like hand planes, chisels and clamps that really needed to be accounted for in the product line. If there’s one thing woodworker’s love, it’s a good clamp collection. You’ve seen me post a Clamp Storage Solution set up on here before, but that was only a solution, not a dedicated set up.

Chisel Storage

Most importantly though, let’s talk about the hand plane storage. Woodworkers are very particular in how they store their planes. Whether it’s blade down or on the side, the purpose is heavily debated, but ultimately, you want to protect the sole and the blade.

Hand Plane Storage

Setting the hand planes on Wall Control powder coated accessories assures the sole is safe from being scratched and the blade is in a position not to be damaged or cause damage. That’s a win/win my friend.

How To Order

Head to the Wall Control Website and check under the Value Kits and look for the Woodworking kit. Or just click the direct link here! I’m very excited about this and would love to hear your feedback on this set up! And because we’re friends… here’s a discount code for check out: LazyGuyDIY

And don’t worry, there are a ton of different color combos whether you’re changing the colors of the boards or the accessories. What’s important is that it fits perfectly in your workspace!

~Lazy Guy

*This post has been sponsored and has been posted in partnership with Wall Control Inc

Want to add the fully customized Lazy Guy DIY kit and extras to your cart?  

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