Scary Basement Laundry Room

The Scary Basement Makeover Reveal

You’ve begged and pleaded. You’ve sat through weeks of clearing out Scary Basement monsters, water damage repair and more. Well now we can share the full Scary Basement Laundry Room Makeover!

But first I want to thank The Home Depot for sponsoring this project! Without you guys it would still look like the Silence of the Lambs in here! Want to see the full reveal?

Head on over to the Home Depot Blog HERE to see the “From Scary To Funky” post so you can get a full reveal (and links) of all the products I used in this Laundry Room Makeover plus more of the beauty shots!

Laundry Room Of Terror

Original Basement Laundry Room

Don’t be a skipper. If you haven’t seen the original Scary Basement Makeover post, check out where we’ve come from before the reveal. It’s more impressive when you see how we dealt with clutter, water damage, asbestos and other basement monsters.

Bringing In The Funk & Color

Floor Stencil Final

What about that floor? The floor stencil was a great way to bring in a little personality and a lot of color to really tie the whole space together. Make sure you head on over to the Floor Stencil tutorial to learn how we pulled an audible and were forced to put our math skills to the test.

What’s Next?

Wanna know how we brought the old wash basin sink back to life? Check that out here!

You’ve seen only one half of the basement (the awesome half!). The other side resembles an episode of hoarders so we need to figure out a way to tame the clutter monster over there. Stay tuned for more updates and storage solutions coming throughout the year.

~Lazy Guy

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Marki Jo Kadlitz
Marki Jo Kadlitz
3 years ago

Hi, your “old” basement looks like ours!! We too are in the midst of some changes. I’m curious on the level of dust, dirt and spiders before and after painting. Anything we store in the basement needs a good wipe down before coming back up. I’m hoping the dry lock helps eliminate this problem, or at least lessen it. Thoughts??
Also- how has it held up? Still stark white??

Genoveffa a redfern
Genoveffa a redfern
Reply to  lazyguydiy
3 years ago

I have a water issue in my basement but have not flooded in some years now. We a humidifier and air purifier which does help with the moisture. I have an old house, the basement walls are just the foundation no walls, floors are not properly sealed so having a hard time envisioning how to improve on it. There is no light, very dark and my husband is a pack rat so i look at a lot of old stuff just placed on a lot of shelves. my basement pretty much looks like the one featured in this posting but… Read more »

Reply to  Genoveffa a redfern
1 year ago

You have my sympathy. I know the look and I am living it now. Possessions of uncertain destination from three households have found their way to live in the basement. Ugh

1 year ago

I guess you didn’t turn it into a gym, it looks great either way

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