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Ring Alarm Home Security System

From Video Doorbells to Security Cameras, Ring products have taken over the DIY Home Security segment and for good reason. Package thieves are rampant and it’s comforting to have an eye in the sky. But what about when those crimes of opportunity step through another door? Your door in fact.

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Traditional Home Security…

Ring Alarm Keypad and Base

When we first bought our house almost a decade ago it had an alarm system wired up through a now debunked company. Shortly after moving in we heard about a break in a few doors down so we contacted ADT to set us up. Several hundred dollars of installation later, then a monthly bill for a dedicated phone line and monitoring service we were over a grand out of pocket in less than a year.

What did we have to show for that investment? An expensive door chime that we never used. Don’t get me started about when we lost power for a prolonged period of time… Nothing makes a night without HVAC better than a siren going off at 3am because the battery on the security hub is dying. You couldn’t silence it either without a technician’s key.

The Future Of Home Security

Ring Alarm Kit

How many technicians did I have to call to set up our Ring Alarm System? Zero. I was able to set up the initial components in under 30 minutes. The Ring Alarm Kit we tested consisted of a Base Station, Keypad, Range Extender, Motion Sensor and Contact Sensor. Once I started counting windows and doors it became pretty obvious I needed to expand and add the additional Motion Sensors and Contact Sensors that you can buy separately.

The fact that I can expand my blanket of coverage and not have to schedule a technician is not only liberating… it’s sort of infuriating that I paid an hourly rate for someone to show up late and do so for the previous model.

Installing The Ring Alarm System

Ring Alarm Installation

If you can use a screwdriver or are well versed with stickers… you can install this home security system. Truly. The only wire you need to run is the power cord that connects to the Base Station. Everything else is either attached with small screws or adhesive pads if you don’t want to drill any holes.

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

For our vinyl windows or our original to the home wooden doors I’m not drilling holes. Sticker time! The keypad is the only piece of equipment I had to attach with screws. There’s a frame that easily mounts to the wall and the keypad can be removed when it’s in need of a charge (with a USB to micro USB cable).

What’s The Catch?

Ring Base Station

To monitor your home or to set your alarm remotely when you forget to hit the button on the way out, you need to be on the Ring App and using their service. I’m already using the Video Doorbell, Spotlight Cam and Solar Spotlight Cam which costs me only $10/month (or $100 annual) for recording. I can cancel anytime.

So how much did it cost me to add the Ring Alarm service? Nothing. I’m already on board so there’s no ongoing cost for me I’m not already paying. If anything… I was under utilizing my service. If the alarm goes off and I don’t cancel it, Ring will call to confirm the alarm. If no response they’ll send the cavalry.

Ring Alarm Home Security Verdict

Since I’ve gone through the professional alarm system installation before and know the cost associated… this is a no brainer. No wires. No contracts. And it’s Do It Yourself to the fullest in the matter of minutes. If you’re already on the Ring platform it should make your decision even easier.

~Lazy Guy

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4 years ago

Hey! Ring products have taken over the DIY Home Security segment and for good reason.

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