Mid Century Modern Bar Cart

It’s time for Season 8 of The Builders Challenge and this season we’re getting swanky. Mid Century Modern Swanky with this simple Bar Cart that’s ready for you to put your spin on it! Not sure what The Builders Challenge is? Well you have 3 weeks to put your own spin on these great plans and enter to win awesome prizes! Register and check out more info here!

Download Bar Cart Build Plans

Remember, we love for you to take these build plans and then put your own stamp of awesome on it! Go inside or outside the box, we just want to see you make it yours. If you’re building this plan to a “t” here’s what you’ll need!

Bar Cart Cut List

  • Legs – (4) 1×6 (0.75″x 5.50″) x 40″
  • Arms – (2) 1×6 (0.75″x 5.50) x 18″ 
  • Box Sides – (4) 1×4 (0.75″ x 3.50″) x 32″
  • Box Ends – (4) 1×4 (0.75″ x 3.50″) x 19″
  • Box Bottom – (2) 17.50″x 30.50″
    • *You can use 3/4″ or a glue up of 3/4″ boards
  • Quarter Sheet (2’x4′) of 3/4″ MDF

Recommended Tools

  • Circular Saw
  • Jig Saw
  • Router (optional)
  • Miter Saw (optional)
  • Table Saw (optional)
  • Hand saw (flush cut saw)
  • Sander
  • Drill or Drill Press

Supplies Used

Need Some Help?

Cutting Dovetails for the first time check out this video from Tamar!

Want to see how to make the legs and arms perfect every time? Check out my router template video!

Giving up on dovetails and want to go finger joints? Check out this video from Tamar!

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Tim Whitehead
Tim Whitehead
4 years ago

I am going through the plans and cannot read any of the measurements in the pictures. This means i don’t know what size to cut the leg and arm templates. Thanks

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