Gorilla 19 foot ladder

Gorilla Goes Bigger With The 19 Foot MPXT Ladder

A few years ago I reviewed the Gorilla 18 foot MPXA ladder and loved it. So when my friends from The Home Depot asked if I wanted to check out the 19 foot Gorilla MPXT ladder I was all for it. I get an extra foot of fun! But was that the only upgrade I was in store for? Not even close.

Luckily/unluckily, I have a bird trying to make a nest on the side of our house in the bathroom exterior vent. So after a few years of direct sun and dry rot, the vent cover needed to be replaced and I had just the ladder for the job to swap it out.

Gorilla Ladder Revisit

In the old review I talked about how my previous ladder for work around the house was a 24′ extension ladder of death. Small rungs, poor footing and the most unreliable extension lock you could imagine. I ignored my gutters for 3 years just to not have to go up on it. The trusty Gorilla 18 Foot MPXA ladder from the previous review was an immediate upgrade over that contraption with it’s multi-position frame, easy locking mechanism and flat surface steps. So what makes this Gorilla 19 foot MPXT ladder an upgrade?

Gorilla Ladder Update

It’s a simple addition, but the project top is something that comes on smaller step ladders, but you just don’t see it on extension ladders. You know, the one where you can easily rest a can of paint, clip your drill onto and put those extra screws for your project. You take for granted how useful that is when you’re only 6 feet off the ground, but when you’re up double that height it’s even more useful.

But what happens to that project top when you go full extension? On the flip side it becomes a standing platform. While the rungs on this ladder also have the nice flat edge that are more comfortable for standing on for long periods of time, having an extra wide step is a bonus addition to your standard stepper.

Here’s the kicker with a feature I’ve never seen before… and even after first using it, I couldn’t figure out why they were on there… The ladder has wheels! Are they for somehow making it easier to extend your ladder against a surface? No yah dummy. It’s for transport. While the ladder is just under 40 lbs. and not an issue for a bigger guy like myself to move, when folded up the wheels let you pull the ladder behind you. BRILLIANT!

Final Thoughts On The Gorilla MPXT 19 ft Ladder

At only $10 more than the previous ladder, it seemed to me like the 1 foot addition was worth the price of admission alone. But there are plenty of upgrades that make the Gorilla MPXT a worthy upgrade. At just over $200 at your local Home Depot depending on the current promotional price, it might seem like a big investment to a homeowner needing a ladder, but consider this… going up a ladder to do any project is no joke. You want something sturdy, comfortable and easy to work on. This is definitely a recommended buy.

You can pick up your Gorilla MPXT 19 ft Ladder at your local Home Depot!

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