LED Light Shootout

Shine On – Portable LED Work Light Shootout

There was a time in a not so distant past where a work light was a clunky halogen bulb rig that was expensive and was a fire hazard waiting to happen.  Working in a tight space that’s already sweat inducing?  How about we crank the heat up with these hot bulbs to make an uncomfortable work space a million degrees?  No thanks.  Fast forward to today’s job sites and a LED work light is the new norm.  They’re portable, compact, battery powered and are every bit as bright as those old work lights… plus cheaper!

I’m a product of the 80’s so I just missed the LA Lights Sneaker craze by a few years (I was more about the Reebok Pump anyway), but that was the first time I remember hearing about LED lighting.  Almost 30 years ago (ugh) and we were already seeing the versatility and durability of LED lighting.  Now it’s everywhere.  In the last few years of tool testing I’ve been hands on with about a dozen portable LED work light models and have tried them out in a variety of work environments.  So check out the video below and let’s take a look at the most recent models to see which one is the best fit for you:

LED Work Light Shootout

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Where To Buy

LED Light Line up

Now that you’ve seen the lights, here’s where you can get them (affiliate links):

The Final LED Work Light Verdict

Go watch the video fool!

~Lazy Guy

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