Never Lose Your Keys Again With KeyHero

I’m going to be honest… I have NEVER lost my keys before.  Sure I’ve locked my keys in the car or snapped the key off in the lock before… but I’ve never lost a set of keys.  However… my significant other has entrusted our keys to a select few who have managed to misplace them (cough… Tim) multiple times in the last few years.   Fear not, there’s a new service called KeyHero that’s going to come to the rescue.

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot as part of on ongoing Smart Home Series.

The Keys To Success

Sure, Smart Locks are a great addition to your Smart Home, but if you’re like us, occasionally you’ll have a door like our front door that’s not compatible with the technology upgrade.  We love our original door, but with that door comes traditional keys (the horror).  While I can easily create a temporary pass code for our digital door locks for the back of the house… it’s sometimes nice to have an actual key for guests.  I can’t share what I don’t have though…

KeyHero is a service that stores a digital copy of your key.  So if you have only one remaining door key and lose it… all is not lost, you just log into the app and take your phone to the key center at your local Home Depot and get a new one made.  Seriously.  That easy.  Or let’s say you’re stranded out of town and need someone to feed your cat?  You can give them access to your digital key so they can have one made at their local store as well.  Mind blown right?

KeyHero Key Notes

So if you’re like me, warning bells probably went off in your head wondering why with all the cyber-crime would I want to literally put the keys to my house out there?  First off, there’s no physical address attached to your account.  You set up your account with an email address and user name.

Second, the secure app requires you to log in with your password every time you use it.  There’s no autocomplete, so if you lose your phone, there’s no easy access for a stranger.   To physically cut a key you have to be logged into the KeyHero app and issue a temporary pin code for the KeyKrafter key cutter machine to create a copy.  There are a ton of checks and balances.

Sharing Your Keys

To me, the most valuable aspect of this tool is to be able to digitally share a copy of a key with someone.  When you’re in the app you select your key to share, then enter the person’s email address or phone number and hit “Share my key!”  They will then need to download the KeyHero app to access your shared key.

Having regrets?  You can revoke access to any shared key within you app at any time.  On top of that, anytime a key is made from your digital copy you’ll receive a notification telling you who, where and when your copy was made.

KeyHero is currently available at all Home Depot locations.  Check it out!

~Lazy Guy

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