Perfect Drawer Pulls Every Time!

Recently I was working on a project that required me to add drawer fronts.  Luckily they were false drawers because I’m terrible at building actual drawers.  Even so, one of the most annoying aspects of building a drawer is attaching the hardware.  It’s even worse when you have a line of drawers and the hardware all needs to line up.  There is definitely some room for some serious wonkiness to happen.

So you want awesome drawers?   Not the pants kinds.  Actually, you might store pants or shorts in these drawers so they could be pants drawers, but just don’t wear this kind.

First off, find your hardware.


Buy whatever material you want for the drawer face and then… make a jig.  But not a jig to celebrate where you’re physically dancing, but a jig to make beautifully lined up drawer pulls.

I’ve been dying to use my head mounted GoPro for a video, so now if you want to learn how to do this, you have to sit through it.  Muwhahahaha.  I’ll get better about not shaking my head around so much, but I’m an energetic talker.  You’re lucky it’s not an arm mounted Go Pro because i’m a serious hand talker.

And there you go.  Perfect drawer pulls EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME.  This is probably a thing already, but I felt pretty smart about it.  Although no one was around when I did this but the chickens, but they “bock bocked” in agreement.

~Lazy Guy


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