Lazy Guy DIY Quick Tip: Key Hole Router Bits

When I made the Magnetic Key Holder a few weeks ago one thing I got a lot of questions on was how to use the Key Hole router bit with a plunge base router?  Then even more importantly, how do I make straight and even cuts for easy mounting?

Yes, someone used the words “easy mounting”  and I held it together for a “professional” response… but only because I had time to compose myself before writing back.   Check out the video below for the Lazy Guy DIY Quick Tip of the day:

Here are the tools I used in the video:

*The blue highlighted text are affiliate links, that means if you purchase any of these items a portion of your sale goes to me at no additional cost to you.   If you’re opposed to affiliate links but would rather give me money straight up to show your love, then I do accept birthday cards with dollar bills or PayPal.  I no longer perform for dollar bills like that though.  Sorry.  

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