Happy Anniversary! To Uhhh… The Website!

Pop champagne and throw sawdust in the air to make it rain!  (unintentional rhyme I swear)

Lazy Guy DIY is one year old today!  Not actually me, the political figurehead Lazy Guy (would you trust an infant with power tools?), but the actual website Lazy Guy DIY is now a year old.  Hooray!  What started out as a random decision to get off my butt and do something that makes me happy has turned into something so much more.  It’s not about me, it’s about you!  Seriously.  I’m just a goofy guy with a sarcastic sense of humor that has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to running a website or heck… working on DIY projects.  But for some reason you continue to stick with me.  Have you ever had someone go out of their way to tell you that you inspire them?  That’s a wave of emotions I’ve never expected to feel, especially considering this website is just me being me.  I don’t feel any different than anyone else or at all inspiring.  I’m just some dude, trying to make time in the day to get into the workshop and share this journey with whoever wants to listen.  So thank you all for all of your support and if anything, you all inspire and motivate me to do better.  Well…  most of you do.  The folks that keep saying they want to go drinking and then go build stuff… you’re just trying to make me lose a finger.

With that said, I’m unfortunately going to shut down the website and re-brand.  I get bored guys, sorry.  My new passion is baking.  Goodbye Lazy Guy DIY and hello Lazy Guy Bakes a Pie!

It’s a catchy name right?  Kidding.  DIY for life!  Or at least that’s what my new embarrassing hidden lower back tattoo says…  Sorry mom.  Kidding again, there’s no way my wife would okay a tramp stamp.

For real though, I’m not joking when I say you all motivate me to make this website better.  So in exciting news, I’ve actually teamed up with The Home Depot starting this spring!  I’m going to be hands on with a ton of new tools throughout the year that I’ll get to share with you all in my own fun way.  Hopefully team orange knows what they’ve gotten themselves into because I referenced Ligers and creepy basement dance parties in my last product review.  Don’t worry, I’m going to keep being me.  What it does mean though is that I’m gonna up my production quality, so hopefully that means better quality videos and posts that will translate over to my tutorials as well.  And maybe… just maybe… more posts each week.  Maybe.  Come on.  You didn’t come to a website with “Lazy” in the name and expect a go getter did you?  Ha!

So thank you again to all the supporters (and even that one lady who put curses on my family because she REALLY hated my time lapse videos…) for following me and helping make this something really special.  It’s been a ton of fun.  So let’s not make this weird or any more emotional than it already is and let’s agree to part with an awkward uncertain handshake/hug/fist bump.

Oh and… buy a Lazy Guy DIY t-shirt.  They’re gone forever tomorrow (Friday March 17th).

~ Lazy Guy

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