Dremel Versa

Scrubbing Power With The Dremel Versa

Chances are if I say Dremel you’re immediately going to think of a rotary or oscillating tool used for craft projects or home repair.  Heck, you might even think about the Dremel Pet Groom I reviewed last year (plus our Golden Retriever Gus and his internet debut).   But I’m guessing you didn’t immediately think of a Dremel that is made specifically for scrubbing and cleaning.  You’re missing out.  The Dremel Versa is like the mechanized version of those magic scrubbing bubbles you see in commercials… but less cartoon-like and more so your new favorite cordless cleaner!Dremel Versa Scrubbing

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Dirty Deeds

Let me set the hypothetical stage (insert quotation bunny fingers).  Let’s say you’re checking the oil in your vehicle and you’re testing out Pennzoil’s Platinum Full Synthetic Motor Oil (oddly specific right?).  So while you’re reading about 30% cleaner running pistons, improved fuel economy and more horsepower… you over pour… and get motor oil all over your hands from the funnel blow back.  Oops.  Naturally you head back into the house using the butt shimmy on the door handle to open the door and obviously being careful not touch anything with your oil covered hands.  When you make it to the bathroom to clean up, it might not occur to you that motor oil is probably not a great addition to your old porcelain sink…  whoops.  Black residue everywhere.Recharging Dremel Versa

Cordless Scrubbing To The Rescue

Luckily there’s a solution and my wife never has to know.  In good news I’ve also been trying out the Dremel Versa, a rechargeable 4-volt scrubber that’s a perfect cleaning fix for the problem I ran into errr…hypothetical problem I ran into last week.  You get about 30 minutes of run time per charge which is plenty for the amount of damage I’ve done.  Those 30 minutes are more than I usually spend time cleaning (ask my wife) which means if I’m feeling really ambitious I can clean the sink and bathtub while I’m at it.  Once you run the battery down (and remind your spouse why they love you) the Versa plugs in to recharge using a USB cable.  Although… it feels a little weird charging something I just cleaned the bathroom with via my computer’s USB port.  Dremel Versa PadsNot something you think of with a Dremel tool, but the Versa is water resistant, so that’s perfect for the type of scrubbing I plan on doing with it whether it’s inside or out.  With 2200 RPM’s we’re making dirty stuff get clean!  The Versa also comes with 4 replaceable attachments for cleaning and scrubbing with the blue scratch resistant pad, white foam cleaner, brown heavy duty abrasive cleaner and a standard bristle brush.  I’ve seen people go from cleaning grout to patio furniture to sinks to scrubbing vegetables (switching pads of course).  I guess that’s why it’s called the Versa, since it’s ridiculously versatile.

You can pick up a Dremel Versa and the replacement pads at The Home Depot

~Lazy Guy

*This post has been part of The Home Depot PRO-Spective Tool Review.  I have been compensated for my time and provided with product in exchange for my views on this product.  My opinion is my own.
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LongJohn Silver
LongJohn Silver
5 years ago

Dremel needs to install a long handle on the unit so we don’t break our backs!

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