Is It The Circular Saw Or The Saw Blade?

Nine times out of ten the average Do It Yourself’er is going to be cutting wood with their circular saws. But what about that one time they’re not? What if you’re cutting out your shoddy deck with embedded screws? Or working on an awesome Raised Planter that needs angle iron cut? Do you beef up the circular saw or the circular saw blade?

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Circular Saw Upgrade

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw

Over the last few years I’ve reviewed a lot of circular saws. Don’t believe me? Check out these circular saws! But like cars and booze, not all are created equal. Not even a little bit. Just because you throw an upgraded Metal Cutting saw blade on it doesn’t mean it’s going to work perfectly every time. I used the Diablo Steel Demon Metal Cutting blade in this unnamed yellow saw a while back to cut angle iron and the resistance was noticeable (although I hear resistance is futile also). While it did get the job done, the blade was toast after half a dozen cuts.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw

However, take that same Diablo Saw blade and drop it into the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw and the results come much quicker. The Milwaukee reminds me a lot of the new Makita XSH08z I reviewed on Instagram Stories a few weeks ago. While the Makita wins by a slight margin on RPM’s, it’s also heavier due to the pair of batteries and gets about a 100 fewer crosscuts. The Makita gets an edge due to being compatible with its plunge saw rails, but there’s no losers here with either saw.

Worth An Upgrade?

In the last year, cordless circular saws have finally cut ties with that emotional and physical tether that’s kept them down on the job site. Meaning, cordless circular saws are exceeding the power corded saws are producing now. But that doesn’t mean every cordless circular saw is a powerhouse. Far from it. Expect to pay well over $175 for a saw that’s a difference maker in your work. Especially when it comes to cutting those stubborn materials.

Circular Saw Blade Upgrade

Diablo Circular Saw Blades

Put a nice pair of chef knives in the hand of an average cook and it does not make them a Master Chef. The same holds true for upgrading your saw blades for your circular saw… in most cases… However, if you use one of these new Diablo Specialty Circular Saw Blades you’ll notice a tool belt sprouting around your waist in a few hours.

Diablo Circular Saw Blades

Whether it’s the Diablo Metal Carbine Saw Blade with the TiCo carbide tips for nail embedded wood. The Diablo Steel Demon Metal Cutting blade with a Ceramic blended surface to reduce heat. Or the Diablo Aluminum Metal Cutting Blade with perma-shield to reduce wear and heat… each Diablo saw blade serves a specific purpose. And sure, it might be a pain to swap out your circular saw blades, but then again, so is spending hours or a project when it should only take seconds with the right blade.

Worth An Upgrade?

Yes… but depends on the circular saw you put the blades in. Like a good set of tires, the blades can spin on any model and give results, but the performance needs to match the quality. If you’re spending $30+ for a saw blade, you want it to last more than a few uses. And that’s the fault of the equipment, not Diablo. Good saws make good cuts. Good saws with good blades make good cuts for longer runs.

~Lazy Guy

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Warner Blank
4 years ago

Really enjoyed the info you posted! Looking forward to purchasing a metal cutting blade. Thanks a lot!

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